Generating Sustainable Hashpower

In today's rapidly developing world there is an increasing demand for energy. New blockchain applications, crypto mining, cloud services and Artificial Intelligence all play a major role in the so-called next industrial revolution, and they too need power.

By using energy generated from fossil fuels, we only create more pollution and risk destroying our already stressed environment. Renewable sources such as solar and wind are the obvious way to go forward to generate clean energy and ensure a sustainable future for the next generations.


Andreas Dudas
attrACTIV Solutions AG
blockchain meetup MADRID
Cabildo de Fuerteventura
Die Schwedin
energy web foundation
Frigo Consulting
Parque Technologico de Fuerteventura
rooom fx
Single Source
Allianz Smart City Dortmund
Technische Universitat Dortmund
Work and Sun

World leading asset-backed token investment in a renewable energy infrastructure

Pilote Installation
  • Quarterly payouts
  • Tradeable on exchanges
  • Further investment opportunities

Distribution of Tokens

Distribution of Tokens

Token use

Token use
  • Price

    1 EUR
  • Token Hard Cap

    60M Tokens
  • Tokens for sale

    50.4M Tokens
  • Soft Cap

    10M Tokens
  • Blockchain


Generating sustainable hashpower

Eloom News

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director's board

David Rivera - eloom

Rivera CEO

Executive MBA and Master’s
degree in Computer Science
10y+ international experience in
technological and financial global
organisations managing large
market development initiatives

Dr. Nikolay Tontchev - eloom

Dr. Nikolay
Tontchev Finance & Risk

PhD in Mathematics
10y+ experience in the financial industry
Have worked for large insurance
and big four accountancy firms

José L. Camino Carmona - eloom

José L. Camino
Carmona Engineer & Technical Research

Degree Engineering
16y+ experience in renewable energies and constructing powerplants in the Canary Islands
International team of engineers

Udo Abraham - eloom

Abraham Co-Founder & Operations

Degree Statistics & Economics
Risk Analyst, 10y+ experience in managing and consulting companies in the Canary Islands
Co-Founder Workandsun Canarias S.L

Marc Lanz - eloom
eloom Board

Lanz Co-Founder & Marketing

Degree in Leadership & Telematics
6y+ experience in
Finance & Marketing in Switzerland
Co-Founder of Workandsun Canarias S.L

Michal Pomykala - eloom

Pomykala Co-Founder & Blockchain

8y experience in Forex
4y+ cryptocurrencies trading
Blockchain & mining specialist
ICO investor & entrepreneur
Founder of FuerteCoin S.L.

<img src='img/team/ps.jpg' alt='' /> - eloom

Software Architect

20y+ experience in design & IT solutions for international banks & insurance companies
Managing large scale projects in finance & transport industries

Nicolas Lanz - eloom

Lanz Relations & Strategic Partners

Certified consultant & entrepreneur
10y+ experience in insurance & finance sectors
Managing multiple agencies of a big4-insurance company

Frequently asked questions

  • What are your long-term goals?

    We want to become a standard of self-sufficient, sustainable and smart ecosystems. The strategy will be governed by our board, which is not directly involved in our business but brings along the necessary experience. For example dr. Fritz Rettberg, who is project manager for smart cities in Dortmund and Andreas Dudas, experienced in managing multi-billion projects in the energy industry.

  • When will I have access to my Tokens?

    We will unlock the Tokens at the end of December 2018, after KYC is done.

  • How will you generate profits?

    We start to generate profits from crypto-mining first, and then expand to other applications such as green cloud solutions, masternodes, new blockchain applications, energy tokenisation and others.

  • What kind of voting rights will I have?

    Token holders will participate in the decision-making process, and voting which projects should be researched in our lab and which should use the energy produced by eloom.

  • Why did you choose Fuerteventura?

    We decided to build the pilot project in Fuerteventura because the island offers extremely favourable weather conditions, belongs to the European Union and due to our influences here, allows us to complete the project quickly and effectively.

  • When will you complete the project?

    The pilot project is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2019. The additional eloom installations will be started in the upcoming years in multiple locations around the world.

  • Why use hydrogen for your energy storage?

    We want to stay 100% green to fulfil our vision, attract right partners and clients. Additionally, Fuerteventura offers a unique chance to build an infrastructure for local hydrogen use and distribution.

  • Where can I find more information?

    Download our Light Paper, Essay and 2Pager documents – they describe our project in more details. Additionally, sign up to our mailing list and eloom telegram channel.

  • What does eloom do exactly?

    We at eloom are interested in the space where energy production, technology and sustainability meet. We build green power installations to support technology applications for a sustainable purpose. For example, we want to be involved in the so-called Smart City Solutions and provide green power to support technology to optimise city functions to improve quality of life and energy efficiency.